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Personal Emergency Response

Monitoring for Safety

Personal Emergency Response Monitoring

Life Safety Monitoring has been providing wholesale personal emergency response monitoring for years. We continue to grow our dealer network by expanding our world-class monitoring solutions. Our life safety operators are trained specially for two-way voice alarm. Our operators have unmatched experience when responding to alarms from lone workers, panic alarm, emergency response buttons, fall detectors, inactivity timers, and emergency sensors.


Your customers are in good hands with our certified operators. They are trained to the central station alarm association standards. Our operators have experience in emergencies such as falls, heart attacks, stroke, home invasions, fires, and other emergencies. They know how to give proper care to anyone using their alarms. 


Learn to expect the best from our UL listed and five Diamond Certified Central Station. Our operators are working 24/7 no matter when an emergency may happen. We are ready to respond quickly and professionally, no matter what the situation. Our management team is continuously working with our operators to make sure they have compassion, quick response time, and exceptional customer care skills.


Learn how you can unleash your RMR by offering our cutting-edge product line. Take the first step to call us at 1-412-476-2060. 

We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and let us help you find what you're looking for.
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