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Mobile Emergency Response

Life Safety Monitoring, Protection for life on the go

We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and let us help you find what you're looking for.

Mobile Personal Emergency Response Monitoring

Life Safety Monitoring has been monitoring tens of thousands of accounts for years. With our world-class customer service, our dealers learn that their customers are our number one priority. We have come along way since the days of traditional landline personal emergency response systems.


Here at Life Safety Monitoring, we are at the forefront of new technology and are pleased to offer mobile emergency response monitoring. We provide wholesale monitoring for a variety of brands. Feel free to reach out to us on our contact us page to see how we can work together to create a safer world. 


Learn how you can unleash your RMR by today, offering our cutting-edge product line. Take the first step to call us at 412-476-2060.

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